Disruptors. Dreamers. Believers.


DevOps Conductor, Tech-Conventions Disruptor, Conestoga President’s List Award Winner, Chief Robot Whisperer.

Chris Kelly

Vice President of Technology

Passionate Entrepreneur, User Experience Crusader and Disruptor, Founding Architect of the Carrot App, Wellness Warrior, Ivey MBA.

Sarah Richard

Chief Product Officer

Social Change Schemer, Relationship Fosterer, Mover and Shaker, Budget Juggler, Partner Interpreter, Communication Wizard, Status-Quo Disruptor.

Megan Nobrega

Senior Partnerships Manager

Relationship Architect, International Entrepreneur, Connector, Opportunity Producer and Disruptor.

Matt O’Leary

Chief Partnerships Officer

Over 25 years experience as a Senior Marketing Executive and Loyalty/CRM expert having worked with a number of brands including McDonald's, Hudson's Bay, Bell Mobility & LoyaltyOne(AIRMILES). Lorne has an MBA in Marketing and Finance from the Schulich School of Business.

Lorne Solway

Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer

Choice Architect, Professor, Healthy Living Champion, Incentives Disruptor, Veal Sandwich Enthusiast.

Marc Mitchell, PhD

Principal Advisor, Behavioural Insights

Serial Social Entrepreneur, Prolific Author and Speaker, Lover of Innovation, Chief Disruptor, Distinct Misfit. Original founder of the world's first eco-points program (Green Rewards); Co-founder of AIR MILES for Social Change. Recognized for landmark innovations in the loyalty and wellness sector.

Andreas Souvaliotis

Founder and CEO

Financial Fixer, Start-Up Battle Hardened, Conventional Wisdom Disruptor, Capital Captain, Smart and Healthy Choices Advocate, CPA, CMA.

Jeff Irwin


Passionate Innovator, Chaos Disruptor, Public Health Advocate, Work Flow Optimizer.

Jessicah McNevin

Senior Project Manager

Passionate Communicator, Growth Strategist and Disruptor, Relationship Cultivator, Social Change Enabler, Health and Wellness Promoter, Carleton Grad, Fancy Socks Aficionado.

Lea Crawford

Senior Partnerships Manager

Digital Disruptor, Social Media Trailblazer, Wordsmith, Trends Forecaster, Idea Ambassador.

Larissa Seminerio

Marketing Associate

Storyteller, Connoisseur of the #, Marketing Swiss Army Knife, Narrative Disruptor, Thoughtsmith.

Justin von Etzdorf

Senior Marketing & Communications Associate

Insights Disruptor, Knowledge Translator, Health & Wellness Devotee, Stats Breakdowner, Quiz Master, Content Shaper, MSc Exercise Science.

Lauren White

Research Manager

Money Maestro, Mathlete, Health and Fitness Buff, Tech Enthusiast, Health-Norm Disruptor.

Cory Lamothe

Senior Controller

Computer Engineer, Eternal Optimist, Aspiring Entrepreneur, Early Adopter and Disruptor, Outdoorsman.

Siang Khor

Development Lead

Java Development Wiz, SCJP Certified, Android Disruptor, Problem Solver, Dancer, MBA in Quality Management from Tecmilenio.

Rocio Flores

Android Developer

Marketing Strategist, User Advocate, Data-Tracking Disruptor, Globetrotter, Wearer of High Heels.

Clemence Leveau-Vallier

Product Marketing Manager

Collaborations Guru, Disruptive Solutions Consultant, Social Change Agent, Story Amplifier, Outdoor Survivalist.

Shawn Fulham

Partnerships Development Manager

Multiverse Navigator, Apple Disruptor, Sci Fi Model Fabricator, Musician, Daddy Extraordinaire, Rock Star Husband.

John Schisler

iOS Development Lead

Story Collector, Content Developer and Disruptor, Narrative Medicine Advocate, Loyalty Point Hoarder, Perpetual Writer.

Brannavy Jeyasundaram

Content Specialist

Partnerships Pathfinder, Social Change Craver, Dynamic Disruptor, Efficiency Enthusiast, Health & Fitness Fanatic.

Nicole Peirce

Director, Partnerships

Visual Designer Disruptor, Product experience advocator and Evangelist, Tech Enthusiast, User Satisfaction Promoter, Pet lover and non-Muggle.

Gabi Anger

UX Designer

Customer Contentment Champion
Zendesk Zealot, Carrot Cake Trafficker, Dilemma Disrupter,
Alliteration aficionado.

Shannon Gillis

Customer Experience Rep

Optimization Obsessed, Work-Flow Disruptor, Problem Solver/Maker, Change Crusader.

Hin-Fan Chan

Senior Software Engineer

Quiz Master, Configuration Champion, Problem Solving Pro and Disruptor, Statistics Shark, Baseball Fanatic.

Jake Wolfe

Client Success Associate

Customer Service Hero, Happiness Advocator, Problem Disruptor, Play Store/ App Store Rating Guardian, Dog lover.

Yvonne Ho

Customer Service Administrator

Talent Management Enthusiast, Trusted Coach, People Person, Traditional HR Disruptor, Employee Culture Architect.

Sari Friedman

Director, Talent

Data Disruptor, Business Intelligence Solution Architect, Visualization Advocate, Data Interpreter, Data Process Optimizer

Cloris Zhu

Data Engineer

Story-Telling Disruptor, Content Maestro , Brainstorm Queen, People Connector, Harley Davidson Rider, Adventure Junkie

Xania Khan

Creative Content Manager

Executive Advisors

Chair of the Energy Council of Canada, former CEO of the Ontario Power Authority and Deputy Minister of Finance, Revenue, Policy (Cabinet Office) and Secretary of Treasury Board.

Colin Andersen

Personal finance expert. Author of two Globe & Mail bestseller including, “Moolala: Why smart people do dumb things with money (and what you can do about it)”. Columnist for MoneySense Magazine, CBC Radio, Cityline and Breakfast Television. Former host of Million Dollar Neighbourhood. Anchor and New York Bureau Chief for CTV’s Business News Network.

Bruce Sellery

Public Policy Thought Leader, Builder, Prominent Political Strategist and Storyteller.

Brad Lavigne

Veteran senior public servant in Quebec, with a passion and sharp focus on public policy around physical activity. Published author, frequent contributor to scientific publications and Associate Professor at the University of Montreal.

Guy Thibault

40 years of experience in managing and consulting in the health industry in the UK, North America and Europe. Currently UK Managing Director of Medworxx, and Chairman Vision RT Ltd. Former President and CEO of Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto.

Peter Ellis

Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Relay Ventures, CFA, Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the Schulich School of Business at York University.

John Albright

Glenn is a proven, insight-inspired, senior marketing leader with brand building experience in banking, insurance, investments, retail, quick service restaurant, food, beverage, reputation, tourism, airline, health care, education, CSR, B2C and B2B.
Most recently, Glenn was CMO at Manulife where he led numerous brand and sales building marketing initiatives to "transform and disrupt" this sleepy sector.

Glenn Hollis


Principal at Totem Capital Corporation, Governor of the Glenbow Museum, Director and Treasurer of imagiNation 150, former Chair of the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, Director of the Harbourfront Centre and Business for the Arts. MBA/designated Baker Scholar; Harvard University.

Irfhan Rawji


CEO of Rogers Communications, former President and Chief Executive Officer at TELUS, Business. Senior Leadership Roles at KPMG Consulting, Member of the board of directors of Celestica, the Hospital for Sick Children, and Soulpepper Theatre. Recipient of the Queen's Jubilee medal.

Joseph Natale

Managing Partner of Magellan Angel Partners, Chairs the Board of Directors at PHEMI, former President and CEO of Cray Canada, University of Southern Mississippi MBA.

John Seminerio

Partner, Lumira Ventures. Industry veteran with over 20 years of life science, IT and business development experience.

Jacki Jenuth

Former CEO & President at Amex Canada, Member of the board at HSBC Bank Canada, the Harvard Business School Alumni Board, Art Gallery of Ontario, Women's Venture Capital Fund, Catalyst Canada, Schulich School of Business, UNITY Charity, and former member of board of Aimia Inc. She holds a B.A. in History from Cornell University, and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Beth Horowitz

Serial Social Entrepreneur, Prolific Author and Speaker, Lover of Innovation, Chief Disruptor, Distinct Misfit. Original founder of the world's first eco-points program (Green Rewards); Co-founder of AIR MILES for Social Change. Recognized for landmark innovations in the loyalty and wellness sector.

Andreas Souvaliotis